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We are a local food bank serving Gt Harwood, Clayton le Moors, Altham and Rishton and operate with a brilliant set of volunteers.

Greetings from our team,
Should you need a food parcel you can send us an email or ring the number at the top of each page.
We will ask you for some details so that we can prepare a list for our packers and our deliverers to make up your parcel and deliver it to your door.
We do keep a limited stock of nappies of various sizes and we also stock wipes which we can supply if we have the stock.
We can also supply toiletries, cleaning products, washing up liquid, detergent.
Don't leave out your pets so please ask when requesting a parcel that you have a dog or a cat so that we can feed them for a few days too. Unfortunately, we cannot keep food for all pets but if we have it, you can have it if requested.
If you are a single person we will deliver to you one basic bag and one extras bag, if you are a family you will receive two basic bags and one extra bag, Nappies, wipes etc will be packed in another bag.
We will deliver parcels for one week and if you require another food parcel please give us a call. You can receive parcels up to six weeks. If you still need food parcels after the six weeks you will need to get a referral from a Doctor, Social Worker, Health Visitor, School Liaison Officer,  Church Minister to receive a further parcel. You can then request parcels for another four weeks with a referral each week. 
After the last parcel, you will not be entitled to any more for six months.
Our motto is
   "giving a hand up - not a hand out"
We pack and deliver parcels on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm. An answering service is available for messages to be left for requests for a food parcel Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can also email or message us at all times and we will reply as we are available. Please do not use Facebook messaging service, as it is not monitored.
Sometimes we are asked to deliver food to someone with limited cooking facilities or someone with certain allergies which we always try to accommodate.
Take a look at our Food Ideas Page for some useful tips on how best to use the food that we can provide.

The Food Parcels
A lot of the food that we put into our parcels is donated by other members of the public and collected by our volunteers from Churches, Mosques, Schools, Shops, Supermarkets and lots of private donations.
We sometimes hold collection days in supermarkets so please help us out if you see us

We would like to record our thanks on behalf of our clients to the supermarkets who allow us to collect food from their premises in particular
Tesco in Gt. Harwood
Morrisons Gt Harwood
ASDA in Accrington
Co-op Stores in Rishton and
Co-op Clayton le Moors
- we are very grateful to these companies and in particular the staff involved - thank you.

A very big thank you to all the churches and schools who actively encourage the children, parents and parishioners to help with the collection of food both during Harvest Festival time and through the rest of the year, again we are very grateful to you all as without you we could not do our work so thank you all.
Please note to help us :-
As a @coopuk member you can make a difference just by buying Co-op products. Choose Our Food Bank as your local cause and lift up your community by raising much needed funds. #ItsWhatWeDo
Whilst the food parcels that we deliver may not look like the food displayed in some of these pictures it is intended to be an emergency delivery to help out for a period of about three days.
If it is possible to include any fresh fruit and vegetables we always do this.
We take note if our clients have animals who also need to be fed. We try to help with nappies and wipes where needed and sometimes we get baby food which we are happy to supply.

Our Food Bank  2024

Due to an unprecedented demand here at Our Food Bank we are running very low on the food that we give out to families in our local area.

There is a list below of the items that we need most and if you are able to give a little we will be very grateful on behalf of our clients.

UHT milk

Margarine / spread


Tinned fruit

Coffee (always running low)

Sugar (very low)

Pasta sauce (always running low)

Curry type sauces suitable for giving out with rice

Washing up liquid (low)

Cleaning materials


Shampoo (very low)

Body wash


Nappies Size 4, size 5, size 6, size 7 and pull-ups



There are lots of places where you can donate all the items above and if you can’t get to any of these places please contact us and we will arrange to collect it from you :-

St Wulstan’s Church & School Gt Harwood

St Hubert’s Church & School Gt Harwood

St Bartholomew’s Gt Harwood

St Charles School Rishton

Methodist Church & School Rishton

St Mary’s Church & School Clayton le Moors

ASDA Accrington


Thank you in anticipation for all your help

We would like to thank all those who have donated food and for all the generous donations of money both by cash donations and those paid directly into our bank account. You are all so kind and thank you all. Should you wish to make a donation directly into our bank accout the details are below :-                                                                    Name - Our Food Bank                                                Sort Code 40-12-04                                                       Account No. 02022451

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