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Our Food Bank was started in 2014 by a Methodist Minister in Gt Harwood, Rev Pat Brown, who invited us all to a meeting to see if there was any interest in starting a food bank in the area.

After many meetings a Steering group was set up and eventually we set up our food bank store in a church in Orchard St Gt Harwood. When we started we worked with Community Solutions who at that time were based in Accrington.

We decided that we would follow their example and deliver food parcels to our clients homes and that is what we still do. 

Our organisation is now run as a completely separate group and we have Trustees within the group who meet monthly to check that we are fulfilling our duty as a food bank and that all our volunteers are happy working with us.

We currently have over 30 volunteers some of whom collect food from various sources, others pack the food collected into parcels to be delivered and then they are delivered by our drivers & companions.

We are all DBS checked and certified as we mix with children & vulnerable adults in the course of what we do.

In 2022 we moved back into Rishton but late in the year we had a pipe burst which flooded the house and we had to turn off the electricity and now moves are being made to demolish both the church and the presbytery.

We are now working from our new store in Gt Harwood which is a real bonus for us with it being dry and warm.

Need an emergency food parcel?
Call  on 07594 478 093

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A story about Lucy

Some time ago young Lucy decided at she would start to save food for Our Food Bank so she went to all her relatives and her friends and asked for donations from them. Below is a photograph when she brought the food to our store.

A wonderful young lady and a brilliant thing to do and we thank her.

Below are a few comments from some of our clients :- (all the names have been changed for confidentiality reasons)

Andrea from Rishton - Very pleased to receive a food parcel as whilst we are working all the bills seem to come at once and we just needed a little help. Thank you

Jeanette from Clayton - I have not been able to get out to do some shopping recently due to a disability and it has been a real help to receive parcels from you.

Michael from Gt. Harwood - Due to an accident I have not been able to work for many weeks and now I do not get any pay from the company so we are really grateful for the parcels that we have been able to get from you.

Gary from Gt. Harwood - Due to the change in the benefits system and the change to Universal Credit we are having to wait weeks for the next payment to arrive and so we are very grateful for the food you sent to us.

Susan from Gt Harwood - I want to thank you for all the parcels that you have delivered and I know that I am supposed to get one more but I would like to cancel that one please as I have now got a job and should receive some money this weekend. Thank you for all your help.

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